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Revel in the splendor of the early days of motherhood with our Nancy Ganz Nursing Bras made for the modern mum.

The Bras are part of our 'Revive' collection, using recycled nylon to create beauty and comfort. Our Wire-free, non-padded Nursing bras with cotton lined cups offer ultimate comfort and breathability. The customised BODY I.D. support witll ensure you have smooth support with no digging in.

Available across an extended size range from B-F cups and Body sizes 10-18, you'll be sure to find a bra that is perfect for you and your baby.




No two pregnancies are the same and you and your shape are unique. For some soon to be Mums, changes to the breast can begin early, while for others it may not happen until much later.

The increase in weight and size of the breast during pregnancy causes the skin to stretch and the breast to drop, which is why it is important to be fitted for a new bra regularly during your pregnancy. We recommend having your first fitting as soon as you notice any changes.


For many ladies, the second trimester can be the most enjoyable stage of pregnancy. You might feel you have more energy than previous months and you may notice that your breasts feel fuller, larger and heavier.

As your baby grows, your ribcage will start to expand. We would recommend going up a band size from your previous bra size.


By the time you reach your 3rd Trimester you will be seeking as much comfort as possible. We have designed our Nursing bras with your comfort in mind, our contour cups have breathable eyelet linings to help keep you cool, and our structured cups have cotton linings and seams that have been positioned above the nipple to avoid any irritation in this sensitive area. All of our bras have 4 rows of adjustment, with a front strap adjustment to allow you to customise and adjust your fit and support of your bra as your breasts fluctuate in size.


Our advice would be to get measured and fitted for your new Nursing bras during your 3rd Trimester if you are planning to breastfeed your baby. At around 8 months, it is very unlikely that your underband measurement will increase in size and we would recommend fitting your new bras on the last/loosest hook & eye, so that you can tighten the fit of your underband once your baby is born and your rib cage starts to decrease in size. Your cup size is also likely to increase, especially once the milk comes in after you give birth. With this in mind, we would recommend that you go up a cup size or even two if needed.